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Sometime in November 2002, a friend of mine sat down with me and showed me how to use Fruityloops. I'd looked at it before, was vaguely intrigued by the idea of using my computer to write music but it just never clicked. This time, it clicked.

As I've never considered myself to be especially musical, I decided to approach this at a level I thought suitable for my abilities. My aim was to cut the crap out of other people's music and remix it with my own drums..something immediate, accessible and boring. At this point, another friend introduced me to Reason...again, another package I'd looked at without much interest, but this time I began to understand its potential.

For the past 7+ months I've been spending a lot of time trying to teach myself basic production skills. Those who know me well know that this is somewhat unusual for me; I'm seldom passionate enough about anything to do more than rant about it every now and then. But this has caught my focus unlike anything else I've ever attempted, I not only want to reach some personal level of success with this, I'm beginning to actually believe I can, which is another first. The more time I spend with it, the more I'm finding it is spilling that drive over into other areas of interest to me. Since it's still early days, I'm still far away from where I'd like to be in terms of ability, which has been the major cause of my insular nature lately, I think. Until I actually create something that satisfies me on some level, I'm going to be driven to improve my skills to that point.

I'm tired of waiting for the future. I'm convinced that it isn't something we should passively anticipate but something we should actively try to usher in. I'm slowly coming to realise what sort of future it is I want and I'm beginning to see how I can make that come about. I keep ranting at people that I think we're at some pivotal changing point for our society and our humanity; maybe these pivotal points are private, individual things. If that's the case, I'd like to think that I actually tried for the change that I want, whether I achieve it or not.

So. I'm back, I guess. I'm in the final process of getting all the gear together I want to actually focus on writing music. I'm thinking that I'd like to start talking about that here, as well as get some of the more insane ideas I have out of my head and actually written down somewhere. I've no real idea what I want to talk about, let's just wing it and see where it goes.

Hello again!
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